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Wire Family Tree with Pictures

The Final Project: Wire photo tree


silver medium gage galvanized wire (make sure the wire is pliable)

hot glue and hot glue gun

spool of silver, 28 gage galvanized wire

collection of small family photos (copied or scanned and printed)

silver craft foil

needle nose pliers

dull or old scissors

Craft Instructions: The Tree Frame

1. Print Mormonchic’s family tree pattern. You can also enlarge the tree reach a desired custom size.

2. Cut a piece of the medium gage wire to match one of the branches of the tree. Clamp the pliers to one end of the wire and twist it to match the curvature in the branch. Be careful to keep the pliers away from you.

3. Repeat step two and make a second branch.

4. Using a piece of the 28 gage wire, bind the two branches together. Use the pliers to clamp the wire tight and closed.

5. Continue making more branches, binding them onto the tree as you go.

Craft Instructions:The Leaves

1. Unroll a section of the craft foil and lay it on a flat, hard surface.

2. With a pencil, pen or embossing tool, draw several leaves (approximately 45). Draw veins in the leaves as well. Make sure to space the leaves out so each has about 1/8 of an inch borer.

3. Using old, dull scissors (careful not to use good scissors because the craft foil might damage them) cut around the leaves, leaving about 1/8 of an inch border around each.

4. Attach the leaves to the tree fame using a hot glue gun.

Embellishment: Family Photos

1. Use one of the following methods to create your phots:

Copier Method: Reproduce photos on glossy photo paper so all are black and white. Reduce photos so they fall between 1 x 2 inches to 2 x 3 inches.

Scanner Method: Scan photos and reduce in size so they all fall between 1 x 2 inches to 2 x 3 inches. Desaturate the photos so they are all black and white. Print out on glossy photo paper.

2. Cut out pictures leaving 1/4 inch white border.

3. Attach pictures to tree using hot glue.

4. Hang tree on a screw or nail.

Source: MormonChic – get more ideas on family history related crafts by clicking the link.

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