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The Friendship Express

This is a great “Getting to know you” activity. It works like speed-dating. Where everyone rotates which table they sit at for 3 minutes getting to know the other person sitting with them. This was such a great activity, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Set up in one of the longer rooms in your building. Place the small classroom tables to make a booth-like set up. Then place a small flower arrangement or some kind of centerpiece in the middle of each table. Also tape a note-card to each table with a question on it. At the far end of the room set up a “dining car” area with the refreshments.

Each table had a question that they could use only if they needed it for conversation. Examples of questions were. Where did you grow up? How many children do you have? What is your favorite cold cereal etc.

Whoever is in charge wear a conductors outfit. Use a train whistle (if you can find one) This person is in charge of blowing the whistle to start and end each 3 minute session. (the time goes way faster than you think it will)

Dinning Car
You can serve all finger foods. Stop every 4 rotations to stop and get treats. They can then take their plates with them as they visit.

*** You can also change the set up so that the older sisters stay in one “booth” and the younger sisters rotate. Instead of one question on each table leave a whole list so they can pick and choose.

I am attaching an invite that you can fill in all the date time info. Fold it at the top and put any additional info inside, or just cut out train.
This is an activity we have been asked to repeat. It really was a lot of fun.

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