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YW In Excellence — School of Excellence

This is a School theme. You decorate the whole thing like a school class room up front and leaders come dressed as teachers with suits, hair buns, whistles, glasses, etc.

Invitation ideas: Mini chalk boards, box of crayons, something apple, brown sack with pull out, ruller, hall pass, invitation to Parent Teacher conference

Decor: Chalkboard with our theme on it, Alphabet Letter border around top of room, Locker, Desks, Globe on the piano, coat rack w/ back packs, flag, bookshelf, calendar — label EVERYTHING like they do in grade school “piano” “globe” etc.

Program: Start the evening with a little skit. Ring the church bell then have announcements over the “intercom” (just someone on a mic hidden), Bishop could be the principal, the girls in the skit come in and sit down, play with their hair, chew gum, etc. Then after the announcements and some dialogue, etc. I think the funniest would be if we made a HS Musical parody out of it and had the girls all of the sudden start singing their lines! I don’t know. Then the Laurel President could take over, the bell rings and the girls go back to their seats
We could have a board of education listed on back (our yw board), etc. We could have a girl speak if we have time
Refreshments: Apple cobbler or crisp distributed by cafteria workers (leaders dressed with gloves, aprons and hair nets) Or a lunch sack with a Juice box and a PB&J or somehting in it
Project Display: mini chalk boards with girl’s names, School writing paper with girls projects explained on them
Bulletin Board or table display: Star Students! We could either 1) take pics of girls with pencils in their ear, holding apples, glasses on, reading books, etc 2) we have an activity where the girls learn how to make a self portrait and we display those with their names on them, 3) We get pictures of them in grade school. In any case, we could and have them write on a small chalkboard some words to describe themselves?

Favors: Lunch sacks with a school survival kit (repentance eraser, pencil to help you remember to write in your journal, etc.), OR

Binder Clip Post it note holder: This is one I found on ETSY. They used a 4×4 piece of chipboard, a binder clip, ribbon, and some cute paper — so cheap. We could put post it notes on it with a cute saying or poem.

Clip Board covered with scrap paper and tied with ribbons on the clamp ring

Or Decorated, Bookmark I I could make these cute felt and ribbon bookmarks (we could do the initial of their first name for one side?)+and we could put them in cellophane bags or lunch sacks with a saying or poem about reading or scriptures, etc.

Or Felt Clip BookmarkYou use an extra large paper clip and make these bookmarks

Report Card: We could have PP leaders prepare a cute “Report Card” for each girl on her PP.

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