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Service (White Elephant) Game – a variation of the Service Auction

About two weeks before our Christmas Dinner we announced we were going to be playing a Service Game similar to the White Elephant Game. We read a list of possible services to donate. Anyone attending could choose to play or just watch. The night of the dinner each sister who choose to play filled in a slip of paper with her name and the service she wanted to provide for a sister. She then placed it in a jar. After dinner each participating sister drew a number and the game began. The sister with #1 drew a slip of paper from the jar and read it aloud. The sister with #2 could then either draw a slip from the jar or “steal” the slip from #1. If #1’s slip was taken, then sister #1 would draw from the jar again. As the game progressed the next sister would draw from the jar or steal any of the previously read slips. After 2 steals, a slip was then “frozen” and could not be stolen again. At the end of the game the name of the sister receiving the service was written on each slip of paper and a list was made of the services, givers, and receivers. The services were to be completed in 3 months.

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