Young Women in Excellence – Fashion Show (NOT!)

We told the girls that we were having a fashion show. They were all excited and we had a room set up for applying makeup and putting the finishing touches on their hair. They were asked to wear an outfit that made them feel their best.

What the girls didn’t know was that this wasn’t a fashion show but instead their parents were told weeks before to be prepared to talk about their daughters inner beauty and what YW Value they demonstrate everyday. Parents were told not to comment about their external beauty and no mention of their outfits. And of course, parents had to keep this hush hush.

We have about 30 girls in our YW program, so we had the girls in the other room getting ready and we sat tables out for the parents and used wrapping paper as the red carpet. They walked the red carpet, one at a time, being escorted by the bishop, as their parents raved about them to everyone from the podium. The girls were brought one by one to the red carpet so nobody had a clue what was going on and after their turn on the red carpet, they were asked to sit with their parents, so they wouldn’t ruin the surprise for the others. It was a wonderful program.

Then we followed the show with the awards of emblems and medallions and finished with refreshments.

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