Summer Baby Blankets and Decorative Burp Rags” height=”108″ width=”146″ />

Baby Blanket How-To

1. Trim raw edges so they are straight and square to the salvage.

2. Pin bias tape to raw edges of blanket fabric.

3. Be sure to hide the ends of the bias tape by tucking them in the seam.

4. Sew the tape to the blanket fabric using a straight or zig-zag stitch.

Problem Solution:

Some fabric manufacturers leave the salvage white or print information you many not want to show on your blanket, using the following variations are just a two ways of dealing with this problem.

* Cover all four sides of your fabric with bias tape – either round your corners or square them off.
* Sew a rolled 1/4″-1/2″ hem around all four sides squaring each corner.

Burb Cloth How-To

1. Pin the rickrack to one (or both ends if you choose) to a cloth diaper. Make sure to fold over the ends of the rickrack as to prevent fraying.

2. Using a sewing machine (or hand-stitching) sew along the rickrack in a straight line, directly down the middle.

3. NOTE: Using the same color thread will hide the stitching. Here’s an extra hint – use a matching colored thread on the top and use white thread in the bobin – this hides the stiching on both sides of the burp cloth.

4. Making sure to tuck under both ends…you’re finished. Simple, easy, yet a great way to add some color to a simple baby item.

Jenny Says: This craft idea would make a good Camp idea for Young Women, especially if your theme has something to do with heritage or legacy. The girls could make these items to save for thier own future children, to give as gifts, or to donate to a humanitarian service effort.

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